Warranty Period:
Within one year after goods arrive destination sea port.

Quality Issues Processing

When have quality issues, the user should provide clear photos of defective parts, series number of the said products and a written report describing the reason and course with the signature of the concerned person to Win-lift for confirmation.Within the warranty limit and conforming to this warrantyall the defective parts can be repaired and replaced after confirmation by Win-lift.

Win-lift Equipment Ltd. will provide replacement parts or repair them free of charge, which are proved to be defective on material or quality within warranty period and users properly operated under normal working conditions.

Win-lift only guarantees its product. Other indirect loss during operation by users is not included, such as stopping working, extra expenditure, reputation injury...ect.

This warranty excludes all special requirements which are beyond the instruction and the contract.


1.Parts beyond the period of warranty or don’t conform to this warranty.

2.Don’t operate and maintain according to the instruction or damage caused by improper maintenance and overload use.

3.Wrong operation because of lack of operation skillsquality problems caused by improper use, unexpected accidents or other force majeure from natural disaster.

4.Damages caused by modification and repair made by users themselves which are not approved by Win-Iift in advance.

5.Damages caused by not using the genuine Win-lift’s parts.

6.Damages caused by external reasonsfor exampleexternal collision and liquid splash and corrosion of atmosphere or other chemicals.

7.Parts which can be repaired by easy adjustment and resume their functions


8.Normal wear of consumable parts and relevant maintenance expense.